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Welcome to Julie Lenihan Counselling

"Therapy with me is built upon trust, freedom to speak and the opportunity to be heard."


Counselling with me...

You may be anxious and unsure of the direction of your life, maybe you feel something is missing, have suffered a bereavement, are overwhelmed by anxiety or you know things just don't feel right.  Counselling can help.  I can support you in gaining a clearer understanding of your thoughts and feelings.  The way of being that has served you well, may now not work.  Perhaps you are stronger and can deal with the search for the root of you.  What is inside hidden and boxed away?

I will listen to you, hear your fears, hopes and dreams and support you in finding a way forward.  You are central to the process: counselling and the empathic relationship is the pathway.  With me, you have a trustworthy and confidential counsellor, without judgements or prejudices, here to solely place you at the centre of the process where you belong.  Reflecting, linking and hearing yourself talk, uninhibited, is powerful therapy.

Together we will build a relationship where you can be free to explore and open up to yourself.  I will sit with you on your journey of discovery.



Julie Lenihan Counselling

Alpha House, Borough High Street, London Bridge SE1

Tel 07764 574652


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